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Thanks guys..

Yeah, the pictures are from right after initial fitment and most likely what i'll roll to bimmerfest to be safe (rubbing wise). Coils will be the first mod after B-fest, then i'll most likely space the rear out 5mm more (to 20mm's), and the front 5mm's more (to 10mm's)


Front - 225/35/19 on a 9.5, w/ 5mm spacers bring it to +36

Rear - 225/35/19 on a 9.5, w/ 15mm spacers bring it to +26

After B-fest

Front - 10mm spacers, bringin it to +31

Rear - 20mm spacers, bringin it to + 21

Adj. Coils to fine tune the drop, bumpstops, more camber, etc...

.....and the wheels are a Very rare Work VS, with the face of a VSXX but steplips (but not the brombachers) they were split and built in 1997 by someone. I had them redrilled from 5x114.3 to 5x120, and center bored out.

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