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Originally Posted by Acarder View Post
It's not just our opinion, it's common consensus. If you want to drive around in an E46 with chrome wheels, thats fine. If you want to drive around with 20 inch rims thats fine too. The OP however came here asking us for what we thought on them. Thats entirely different. They're not meant for the car and they look ridiculous. 19's are even a little too big, but they work a little better. Having chrome wheels though? No. Not a chance in hell.
hmmm, i think i jumped the gun a little b4 my rant i didnt see where he was asking for recomendations. need 2 read better, although i do mean what i said about everyone saying "why" "no dont do that"...

having said that im rolling on 235/19's. i do prefer wider tires for looks but the 235's handle my 330's massive 230-245 hp pretty well. as for making the car feel slow, i came from 17 lb m68 wheels to (im not sayin) lb 19's and i really dont feel much of a differance in ride quality, agility, or speed. im just keepin my eye out for a set of someones stock 16's i can put on there and take it 2 the track... i can have it all. if you r gonna buy rims, i wouldnt recomend 17's unless you were going strictly for performance, 18's for a little of both, 19's more towards looks, and if you are lookin 2 buy 20's i think i can safely assume that you arent going for performance so much. i would recomend a 19 inch because your gas mileage wont suffer as much as with a 20 inch, plus it will be easier to find sizes that wont give you issues. i think a 20 inch might be a lot more likely to rub. BreakMyWallet was rockin 20's on his 323 and his car was totally basass rolling sex. no one jumped down his back for it. you can rock 20's, just make sure u know how b4 you do.
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