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My tail lights didn't have the tab on them that the newer versions do and I also have the 6-pin connector and not the 8. Anyway, on the picture that ssm1991 shows, you won't be able to wrap wire around in the circled area because there is plastic underneath the metal strip there. I chose to drill a hole elsewhere to secure the new ground and I can post up some pics and a better explanation later after I get my pics downloaded. For now though, many thanks to everyone who participated in this thread. This is such an easy fix to some extremely annoying problems that almost all of our cars have!

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A lot of guys have PM'd me to ask where to connect the ground wire if you don't have the tab (i.e. some pre-facelift models).

You can wrap 2-3 turns of the ground wire around the spot circled below, then wrap with electrical tape. Note that that point is part of the metal strip that goes to all bulbs.

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