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Originally Posted by ///M3Turk View Post
answer my question
Here's what lens to buy...

But really, it depends on the kind of shots you want to take. If you want shots like southpaw's kind of shots, get a wide angle lens. There are a few options for that. Canon 10-22, Tokina 11-16, etc. But these two lenses are different. Make sure you understand what f/4 and f/1.8 means, and which is better for certain situations.

The 18-55 IS is quite decent, and is pretty wide for most uses. The 55-250 is something I wanted to get, as it has more range then my 28-135.

But if you want a cheap but good lens, look for the Canon 50mm f/1.8. New it's about $90, and you can find it used on ebay for around $70 or so. One of the best low light lenses. No zoom.
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Good for you. Rule of thumb is mechanical engineers build missiles, civil engineers build targets. But both get more dates than the computer guys.
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vitamin water = Kool-Aid for white people
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