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Originally Posted by sna77 View Post
you mean in selling quality products? haaa

but yes, for sure... I'd like all the shipping charges back from sending POS IceLink / Dice's back for service over and over and over again throughout the years...
or better support for their products. it took a year for the sponsor i got my LED tails from to finally step up and agree to MY IDEA that i gave them a YEAR ago. and they made me live with the problem for a year until i called and b!tched. (the idea to leave a deposit on a set of tails they send out because they are such a PITA to uninstall, install old, uninstall old, install new with about a week of shipping each way to california. even then, they didn't refund me my deposit for a month, and apparently weren't planning on it till i called and asked them about it and couldn't cover their ass with "we're still bench testing them".

if you can't tell, it still pisses me off thinking about it. they don't even hold a candle to tischer, who fixed UPS's mistake within an HOUR. and bimmerworld who OVERNIGHTED a set of upgraded rotors because they initially sent the wrong side. and they did it with no b!tching, no complaining, only worrying about the customer.

Originally Posted by KtecR View Post
Hey, just wondering for you V1 owners: do you all reccomend leaving them in your car at all times (even if they're hardwired and tucked away)? I had a friend's get jacked from his E36 M3 but it was right in the middle of his windshield.
i leave mine in unless its hot out (black on black) but its so high on the windshield that most people wouldn't notice it unless looking for it.

Originally Posted by xJustin View Post
I have a valentine and i got a ticket, will they really pay for my ticket?
im sure they will since they advertise it so much. i think it involves you faxing or mailing them a copy of the ticket or something. definitely try calling though, they're very helpful

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