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how much....
See, you have more than 3 choices.

1) At first, what I did, was barely no modification, and installed the 6.5 speakers to the original mounting rings. But since the door panel wouldn't fit with those speaker magnets I had to increment the height of the door plugs around the speaker to have enough clearance. Needless to say not a very tasteful installation.

2) I didn't do it like this but I have seen forum members completly sand down the mounting rings on the oem door panels and make a couple of MDF rings screwed to the door and that way you can fit the speakers also. Down side to this option is that you will have a harder time re-installing the OEM speakers to the door panel, but certaintly you can put them in the same MDF rings used for the aftermarket speakers.

2.a) A variation of this mod is to remove the OEM speaker grills and replace them with something that can give you more space there.

3) After what I did in option 1, I went all the way and cut a hole in the metal door to install the speaker with MDF rings bolted to the door metal and being able to extract more SQ from the speakers.

So as you can Imagine, option 3 is the one with more modification but IMHO the best install from a sound quality point of view.

In this thread, you can read about what I did and other have done:

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