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Originally Posted by aggieE46 View Post
Hurry up...
Yeah, i'm telling myself that. I have a total of 7 more classes before this project has to be done and have a write-up for me to get my final grade in welding class.

Originally Posted by NightRunner View Post
Here's how i made/did mine. If you need any help (finding parts, route, etc) hit me up. How do you plan to support it in the middle - stock hangers/bushings wont work. Oh-ebay headers too on mine. Entire exhaust made from pieces cut/fitted by me/tigged by a friend over a weekend.




Wow beautiful!

I'm going for something exactly like that except without the catalytic converter since I'm keeping my stock headers for now. A removable cat may be in the plans for the future.

For the center support, I think I'm going to bend and cut some stainless steel sheet metal and mount it to the black brace kind of like the OEM center support.

Thanks for the pictures though. That's really helpful as it gives me a better idea of what I'm going to be doing. Thanks for offering the help as well.

Originally Posted by NightRunner View Post
Oh i just saw you're using the vibrant flanges. You're probably going to have to clearance them - flanges are too big and our header outlets are too close together.
Lame... By clearance them, what do you mean? Simply grinding some material away?

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