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Originally Posted by KamPow3r View Post
I would have to agree. Actually, fvck that... Lamborghini LP560.[/QU

you are an idiot this car would stomp just about any ferrari or lamborghini into the ground! You must be one of those d bags that needs the attention those cars attract. IDIOT
Hahahahaa.. Yea exactly! I have a small dick and need a Lambo to compromise.

But nope that is not it at all, sorry. I am just the type of person that if I could have a Supercar or a modified BMW, I'd take the Supercar! I mean c'mon. We all love BMW's but lets not get crazy... you are sounding like a Honda owner right now. Those that say "Well my Honda will beat your BMW any day with 10k of mods." Ohhh wow...!! I'd rather have a BMW M3 over any Honda Civic. In this case, I would rather have a Supercar over a Modified BMW. That is a fun car I'm sure but there is a lot of engineering put into a Ferrari, Porsche (GT2), Lambo, etc. which is something "I" appreciate more then dropping 200k on a BMW.

Good luck with the sale.
"Aerodynamics are for people who cannot build engines..."
- Enzo Ferrari
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