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Originally Posted by m3gumby View Post
a little off topic but what color is your car? And secondly would a perfect 12 give me enough low in the interior at 300 watts or do i seriously need 500-600 watts?
The variables here are:
1. what is your definition of "enough low" - are you looking for nice, balanced sound; strong bass; or wake up the whole neighborhood bass?

2. what quality do you want for the "enough low" - Without talking about speaker sensitivity or box design (which affect how loud a sub is), a 12" IN THE TRUNK OF AN E46, with 300 watts, will be almost inaudible for a system with amplified interior speakers if you want crystal clear sound.

If you are willing to compromise and live with distortion on the sub, you can crank the gain on the amplifier up a bit and get louder bass. I, as an audiophile can't stand distortion, but most people can live with some subwoofer distortion.

If you want good sound, save up a few extra pennies and get better equipment. Trust me, after 20 years of upgrading car components, it is cheaper in the long run.
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