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Originally Posted by DADON4SHO View Post
wow very impressive.
quick question how much should a shop charge me to do a quad set up with 3'' pipping with glass packs.

There are many ways you could go. You could do stainless or you could do aluminized steel. Also if you are doing a quad setup with 3" pipe, you would have a hard time fitting everything in the back, so it would probably be easier to just cut out the spare wheel well and do something with an M3 replica bumper or Y-pipe to dual 2.5" for a little bit of extra clearance. I know from experience that quad 3" hangs down very far and will be visible from behind. I'm not quite so sure about ground clearance though.

Also there are things like skill and reputation of the shop, and your location will have a big impact on the labor.

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