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Originally Posted by bikergeek View Post
I'm going to be doing this in the not too distant future. I have two questions:
1) how do I remove the clearcoat from the PCB?
2) What kind of soldering iron should I use to unsolder the relays?

I've been doing DIY electronics work for longer than some of y'all have been alive and I'm still getting stuck. :-(

thanks in advance, etc.
I used a very small flat head screw driver to gently scrape the clearcoat.
I used this soldering iron:

desoldering was a pain in the butt. I used a combination of a solder sucker and solder wick. Some pins I still couldn't get enough of the solder out. I ended up carefully cutting the relays away from the circuit board until only their pins were left. That allow me to grab the pin on one side with needle nose pliers and then heat up the solder from the other side and pull it out.
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