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Instead of shaving the insulation off of the brown wire to make the splice for the ground wire, I used a 'tap splice'. This is a neat little gadget for splicing to a conductor.

My ground wire (brown wire) on the driver's side had burned in the bulb carrier and the connector so i had to replace the bulb carrier and the connector, Everything was easy except getting the good wires out of the connector, I ended up just smashing the bad connector to get the good wires out, and bought a new connector.

In total, all of the parts for this cost me about $50-60. I bought the bulb carrier on-line for about $45 including shipping.

I will probably add the extra ground to the passenger side tail lights before it goes bad and I have to do this again.

By the way, is there an easy way to get the wires out of the connector without smashing it.

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