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Originally Posted by frogg320 View Post
Dude, everyone, stop speculating

This happened to me for a while, almost exactly the same scenario. I was convinced my 2nd gear syncro was toast, but that wasn't it. I had totally worn linkage bushings, as well as bad trans/motor mounts...it could be some combination or all of these. I also noticed my trans output shaft flange wasn't tight, but I doubt this was the culprit.

Once I fixed the rubber bits, it shifted wonderfully again, like magic. I should note that "slamming" anything in a gearbox is NOT the way to do it. After it would grind going into second (I would let off as soon as I could, grinding is NEVER good for anything) sometimes it wouldn't want to go into any gear...so I'd drift off onto the shoulder and sit there and massage the gearbox and the clutch until something got back into the right place. I never forced it, but eventually whatever was out of whack would realign itself and I'd be back in action. But like I said, fix those rubber and plastic bits and I bet you'll be fine.

It could be linkage.. but i got the transmission out and the end of the transmission shaft (which sits in the pilot bearing) is totally worn down..I have never seen anything like it before... I can stick my finger in the pilot bearing and i feel play..I definitely think it's a blown pilot bearing. Which caused the offset between shifting. Any other ideas? I just bought a salvaged refurbished 330ci transmission that has 25,000 miles on it. 400 bucks. Awesome deal.
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