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To the OP, how in the world can you have 31 vehicles over such a short period of time, when did you start driving when you were 10? [/QUOTE]

It's possible....I'm 41 and am on car #47 and started on my 16th birthday. It was a 66 bel air chevy, given to me by my grandparents. EVERY car since then bought on my own....... I know.. I'm an addict. I tell my wife "just be thankful they're not women"

In all seriousness though: some were purchased to be driven for the summer, detail them, or add on a few things and sell for a profit. Long story short my obsession with "fun cars" (about 20 cars into things) started with a 65 mustang bought for $4000 in 1995.. sold 1 year later for $7500------fast forward to 2007 and I bought a new c6 Vette for virtually no money out of pocket... it can be done with alot of fun too...

current 3 cars:

2007 GMC Sierra
2008 BMW 328xi
2006 M3 Convertible
2006 M3 vert, carbon black, black interior and top, 20" EXE Konkourse wheels, BSW stage 1 upgrade, Tein H tech springs, Boston subwoofer.

2008 328xi sedan, 18" 335i coupe wheels

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