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well I completely disconnected the whole sub amp and all the wires and tested all the wires going to the stock amp including the other white wire which read 0 volts with the ign on and off. As stated above the white wire that did give out voltage for but some reason was reading pretty much the same voltage when the car was off and when the car was on. From what I can remember this only started happening when my stereo all of a sudden didn't work one day that I was driving. It came back on 10mins later and worked fine after that. I later started hearing these high pitch sounds whenever I started or turned off the car (same symptoms as stated in the link).

With the amp light staying on even with the car off, the car died eventually within a week. Maybe I fried something by accident? So I tapped the 12volt switched just as the person did on the link, and the amp turns off when the car is off and on when the car is on. I also cut and tapped the switched wire to the stock amp because I figured it was also staying on when the car is off as well. Everything works, so far so good for 2 days. If I could figure out what the real cause is. That would make me feel a bit safer.


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