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***JJR4884's Pasta Bolognese DIY***

Hello All

Figured I would change it up a bit and do something nice and simple. Total prep time was 10 minutes, if that.... and total cook time was about 45 minutes (could have been 20, but I used raw canned tomatoes so they had to cook longer)

K so we have a simple bolognese that is easy to cook and tastes great, here is what we are gonna need

1 pound pasta
1 can of tomatoes, crushed is fine, kitchen ready... w/e its the same thing
1 pound of ground beef, i used 93% fat free so i can use all the juices
8 garlic cloves (4 is fine, i like a lot tho)
1 large shallot (or half yellow onion is fine)
Red Wine
1/2 tsp Cumin

K to start off with any pasta dish, get some garlic, chop it up, put it in a pan with some EVOO and simmer it. Don't cook it to fast, if you burn it I'll come to your house and kill you....

When its soft, pour the tomatoes in, cook it on high and stir frequently. After you pour the tomatoes in, fill about a 1/3 of it with water, swish it around get the rest of the tomatoes out of there and pour it all in

K keep that on high and lets focus on the beef. Mine was still frozen, so i did defrost it on and off for a few minutes, but its not necessary. If you put it in the frig in the morning it will be perfect, i forgot I chopped up a decent sized shallot and chopped it up, however i should have used a little bit less, and i should have sauteed them a little bit before i put the beef in, but whatever they were fine.

Since it was frozen, i had to keep flipping it and scraping off the cooked/defrosted meat. Here it is mostly broken up

Here it is pretty much cooked. Don't worry if it isn't fully cooked, it will finish in the sauce

Taste the sauce... if it still tastes like raw tomatoes, don't put the meat in yet. I think mine cooked for about 25 minutes on high heat with a consistent boil (wasn't bubbling like crazy) You can actually see that the sauce thickens up. so once done...... toss everything in. Since I used 93%, i poured all the meat/juice in..... if it were a higher fat content, i would have scooped some of that out, would have been too greasy

Pasta should be in at this point.... follow the directions on the box for best results

Pour in about 1/3 a cup of wine... you don't have to, but it completely changes the flavor of the sauce. It adds a great earthy taste to the sauce and I think it compliments the meat very well... so pour it in and let that cook/simmer to burn some of that alcohol off. Any red wine will do BTW, doesn't matter if it cabernet or pinot noir

Here is a new thing that I tried, and I gotta say it worked out great. Add the cumin...... MAKE SURE YOU DON'T OVER DO IT...... literally a 1/2 of teaspoon, maybe even a little less... This adds a great spicy/smokey flavor that brings the meat out. Never thought about using it before, but i tried it a few weeks ago and everyone that tried it raved about it.

After you add the cumin, i'm sure it will need salt and pepper........ maybe even a little water, so taste it a few times from here on out until it tastes good to you. If you want to spice it up even more, you can even throw in some red pepper flakes too i didn't, but its always an option

Once the pasta is ready, strain it and toss it right in the pasta, mix well... it surprising takes a while to have it mixed evenly lol

Plate up and serve
You have an awesome dinner for a tuesday night

Clearly serve with a heavier and drier red....... merlot or cabernet will work perfectly fine

Casillero del Diablo Cabernet was our choice for tonight (not my pic btw)


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