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Originally Posted by FlasHGordoN View Post
hey JJ, the wine that you drank, is that the same you used when you prepared the meal? Also, if you have time, would you make a thread about wine and how to taste it and all these little things about wine that you know? I realize you always drink wine when making a DIY and I know nothing about wine.

That wasn't the wine I drank with the meal, however it would have paired up nicely with it.... That 337 is a great $13 cab from California, and i'm very picky with Cali wines

If Laura and I don't finish a bottle or only have a little left, it can turn afer a few days and become very dry and bitter, so I'll throw it in the fridge and use it to cook

I'll make a thread on wine tasting for you

Originally Posted by EDawg View Post

i have a copy...

hahaa you say but that is one of the best wine books I have read yet.... that book is the PERFECT book for a beginner. I refer it to everyone and they all give me the stink eye
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