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Originally Posted by bmwmedic View Post
If that beautiful woman in the last post is your wife, (and she darn well better be!)
then helping you with the car is the least thing your father in law has done for you!

Heck,forget working on that silly car! lol

Anyway, where was I, I have a 99 323 but just yesterday I bought the edge protector for the rivers side of my 01 530 and it was $82 reduced ti $51
with BMWCCA discount, at Autobahn motors in Fort worth tx. Interestingly the price I paid is what shows up in ( it about $5 less for a 46 than a 39)

Thanks, perfect timing, I thought I was going to need to glue it, and that can be messy,although it's the seals on the doors that often need glue I guess.
My God I wish she was my wife! It's Ashley Williams an actress who played Ted's girlfriend Elizabeth in a coupe of episodes of "How I Met Your Mother" series one. We've not had series two onwards over here...

Deffo no glue needed - the metal core of the protector is more than enough to grip the chasis frame. Let us know how you get on!
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