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I have XS Big Dot 24/7 sights on my G19. They are fast. Put the big dot on the target, squeeze the trigger.

My G34 came with MMC night sights. Honestly, 3-dot sights are a little too busy for me. I prefer a single tritium front with plain rear (Sevigny/Warren Tactical) or at most a 2-dot (Heinie Straight Eight) or dot front/bar rear (XS Big Dot).

You really can't go wrong with any of the major manufacturers.

Originally Posted by RayB
Meprolight sights are rugged, well-made, low profile combat sights with a wide front blade to rear sight notch aspect. They are excellent bull's-eye sights out to 30-feet or so. Their large lamps appear brighter than other night sights. The lamps and white plastic o-ring markers are embedded in polished epoxy for easy cleaning and to resist solvents and grime. By design, the front sight appears brighter than the rear sight.

Trijicon sights offer tritium lamps surrounded by an aluminum sleeve, pressed into the sight housing, and covered by a sapphire lens. This lens makes the sight markers appear very sharp in the dark, Vs. Meprolight's glowing orbs, and protects the lamps from external damage. The narrower front blade to rear sight notch aspect will be appreciated by sharper eyed shooters at the range. The quality is excellent, but care should be taken to avoid harsh solvents when cleaning, as the white o-rings are painted on.

AmeriGlo offers the best selection of night sights available. Quality is first-rate, as the sights combine Trijicon lamps with white PVC O-rings for markers. A combination of sight profiles, blade and notch widths, marker configurations, sizes and lamp colors, offers something for everyone. I really like their Operator sights with a green front and yellow rear lamps!

XS Big Dot sights are high quality combat sights, designed for SHTF situations. Place that big white dot on center mass, and if your trigger control is good, you will hit your target, out to 30-feet or better. The night sight picture is pleasing and easily picked up. These are a specialty sight, and many will find them wanting for range use; conversely, others will master them for target use too. More than any sight I know of, people like them or they don't.

Note: Lamp colors are often mixed today, combining the familiar green with yellow or orange, even red or blue tritium lamps. The brighter appearing green, always goes to the front... I personally like the two color set up, using yellow or orange rear lamps, with the green front. Note that green and yellow have a similar lamp-life, while other colors such as blue or red, may have half the lamp-life.

Summary: These are just a few night sights we've had first-hand experience with. There are other quality products, and some not-so-quality products out there to try. Some are innovative and novel--like TrueGlo TFOs. Some are known to be problematic--like TrueGlo TFOs. Any of the premium brands--ie., Novak, Heinie, Dawson Precision, Bomar, etc.---should be excellent. The warranty is a good indicator of the manufacturer's confidence in their product.

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