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This is the place to get answers, opinions and everything you need related to your E46 (sedan, coupe, convertible and wagon) BMW!

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My maintence log for personal record

75,000 valve cover gasket replacement

68,912 expan tank

68,000 powersteering pump replacement

61,000 alternator, drive belt replacement

51,000 evap leak

44,000 coolant change brake fluid

sept. 06 window regulator

Above service records from fields BMW Lakeland.

Late November 2011 Car aquired At approx 115,000 vin WBAET37473NJ30448

12.01.11 - Kuhmo Ecsta LX Plat. (New) installed on all 4 ($418+$55 Install)-$50 Rebate

12.xx.11 - Ordered 7qt Amsoil 5w-30 European Blend (LL-04) + (2) Mann Filter (~$80 w. two filters)

12.xx.11 - New K&N + Bosch Cabin Air Filter (charcoal) installed (88 Total, 50 for K&N)

12.xx.11 - Mehyle Control arms + bushings ordered ($300+100 Bushings) + Installed 12.24.11 + Wheel Alignment same date

01.07.12 - Serpentine Belt + Ideler Pully + 1 alt belt Tensioner pully Replaced $330

01.24.12 - Alignment fixed again (properly this time) and front right suspension was recomended to be check at days auto body by tire kingdom palm harbor
(03.20.12 NOTE: swapped front two tires for eachother, right gets left, left gets right, after at about 124,000, which was about ~8,000 miles from oringal tire install. due to camber being =.05 on left and +.05 on right, part of the tire was wearing the opposite of the opposite side on the oppisite tire, so swapping, waiting 8,000 miles from now, and fixing alignment for good is the plan. )

02.15.12 - 7 qts of Eneos 5w-40 oil change + mahle filter ! 121,995 approx ; old oil looked not too black after aprox 7k

02.15.12 checked and cleaned air filter; MAF looks new, didnt clean, air filter had bugs in it

02.21.12 checked fuel filter, was made in ~May *5/10' OEM style so it was probabally replaced early 2011, estimated at 100k. Will replace with new Mahle in my posession at about ~150k - ODO reading now is 122,225

02.21.12 Replaced ECU blower (cooling fan) with Bosch replacement - cant hear anything anymore

02.23.122 Replaced vacume hose from brake booster to engine crank case (old was collapsing in certain areas in engine bay away from brake booster. Observed a removal of cold start rpm jumping in 4th gear past 3500 RPM, which would eventally downshift to 5th and go away after the inital instance and cold start. Also, hard downshift went away, mostly. Still need a trannsmission flush and gas cap + code cleared-EDIT, gas cap is fine, code cleared and never came back-dated 6.12.12

03.20.12 - see note above in 1.24.12 - swapped front two tires (rotation)

03.27.12 - 124,500 Miles est - Drained ATF and replaced filter along with cleaning magnet and pan. Looked black brown color and magnet has lots of metal on it along with metal in the fluid. Put back in about 4.75 quarts of Redline D4 ATF, and shifts are very smooth now and car no longer has a bouncing RPM when stepping on it at high speeds (70mph) along with no hard up shift while traveling slow

5.11.12 - 127,270 - 2,770 miles later i replaced the fluid again (drained 3 qts), with D4, 5 qts, about .5-1 spill spill, was pouring out fast after i heated pan up and shifted through gears. the transmission drove normal after that and felt like it was breaking back in after the change, so i will post further details soon

Shifting while cold feels much more quick, and controlled. the car seems to be used to the new fluid now, and likes it. cold and hot shifting feel better, quicker and more precise. I still feel like it needs the rear differental fluid changed out, which will be next in the driveline fluids. <
05.22.12 - 500 miles after the 2nd change of ATF, the car seems to be shifting better than ever, the rolling 20mph acceleration (let car get to 2000rpm with very little pedal after getting into neighborhood, then shift) with a hard upshift before is almost all the way solved. car seems to go down to 1300 rpms and smoothly get to 1600rpms, then regulate to 1500 and then continue to raise as pedal is held constant now in a smoother manner with no noise when the rms go down after the upshift, and get too low at 1200 or so, then raises back up. doesnt make any noise as it did before, and seems like the second change defiently smoothed things out further.

Will plan for a new filter + gasket + nuts for the pan at 160k to start off the 30k drain and refill routine and 50k filter change interval ($170 for filter gasket, nuts and 5 qts)

Plan for Shell Rotella T6 oil change with 8 qts bought for $28 ea (x2) =$56 in 2,000 miles (~7,500 OCI)
Plan for Redline differential fluid change at 130,000 ($30)
Plan for new sway bar end links front and rear, plus front and rear sway bar bushings + install of rear sway bar (found out car has no rear sway, so i order a 18mm off ebay for 45 shipped from a 01 330i)

06.02.12 and 128,450 Miles: New osram H7 65w super bright off road headlights both sides, marked improv. in light output

06.12.12 - 128,800: Steptronic shifting noted above with the hard upshift seems to have smoothed out even more, now that the redline fluid has settled a bit. The upshift now makes no noise what so ever and is smoother than my last report. The shifting is near perfect, I cannot stress this enough. For a car that has its original fluid since 0 to 124,500 miles then started exibiting some problems FROM the fluid being kept in there with original filter, it is amazing, i think

06.19.12 - Did the DIY AUX cable, and installed, and fixed silver trim peice above the flove box (left part)

06.30.12 - Changed oil with ~7.7 qts (overfill) of Shell Rotella T6 Full syn. + new Mann Filter - 7,750mi since last OCI - noticed i drained about 8 qts of eneos, which means it burned or leaked almost no oil within almost 8k miles

07.09.12 - 130,000 - changed PS resevior o ring for the cap

07.13.12 - 130,225 - Changed out PS resevior to radiator coolant hose and screw style OEM clamp w/ oem hose because it was leaking near the resev. Also, added, after draining the mobile 1 ATF i had put in a few weeks ago, Redline D4 ATF, it took about a half of a quart, must have been some stuck in the system still. - PS resev. leak should be fixed. 07.28.12 - LEAKS GONE !

07.13.12 - Changed rear differental fluid, drained about 1-1.1qt bluid was black, slightly sparkely (metallic pieces) and slight milky? no leaks. Put in exactly 1qt of Redline 75w-90 GL-5 type gear oil

07.13.12 - Cleaned K&N air filter and the box with degreased, then oiled back the k+n filter with offical oil.

07.28.12 - 130,500 NEW front brake pads (Performance Friction 558.11 (Carbon Metallic Z-Rated) plus cleaning of calipers )

Noted that old pads were 98% gone, and dust has gone down considerably now from old Jurid pads (OEM) - Rears seem to have 50% life left still! OEM Jurid I assume

Noted that the drivers side front calipers boot is half not sealing, so there is a slight rust inside the hole which seems to not be that serious right now. brake fluid was partially removed from the resev. and i put in some new ate type 200. plan on a flush as soon as i can afford 2 more jack stands and a new front wear sensor so that dash light can dissappear. also would like to replace front sway bar end links at the same time as the rubber on the top of comming off, seems to be loose, but still in place if it is kept in place only. notice a slight clunk every now n then turning with acceleration.

Plan to do OFHG very soon just bought a 23mm wrench to remove fan clutch. Seems to be one of the only leaks left, (SLOW), besides the rear main seal (SLOW)

07.28.12 - Rotated front tires

08.12.12 - 131,250 - Installed my missing (car did not have one when i bought it) rear sway bar with new lemforder rear sway bar links, which was a used 18mm (stock size for my model/year) from a 01 330i with ~80k miles, so the bushings on it i left, which were in good condition.

08.16.12 - Replaced idler pully with new Dayco (INA (OEM) ) $40

08.22.12 - 131,650 Replaced alt belt tensionor (mechanical) with new INA mechanical assembely as original one is squealing badly and looks like its loosing tension (jumping around). Belts should be up to date now, as they were replaced above, ~7 months ago AC tensionor pully looks worn but still seems to be silent, ac belt seems more worn too but both still in good shape.

09.20.12 - 132,885 - Added one half quart of Redline D4 ATF to car, it was slightly low, bogging at 1500 RPMs gone and runs stronger when cold now

09.21.12 - 132,925 - Replaced Brake pad wear sensor front with URO part

09.21.12 - Replaced wiper blade rubbers

09.21.12 - Replaced ORIGINIAL FSR wit new Behr Made in Germany FSR, Fan Works again (AC)

10.12.12 - got 29-30 MPG highway ~80mph average, and 26.7mpg combined acutal calculated (30% city driving) on a full tank of Ethanol free 93 octane driving to and from miami from clearwater, fl along with 50 miles city driving before trip and 80 miles city driving in miami. noticed on way back for 3 mpg less on shell 93 on highway

10.24.12 - Re-glued the vapor barrior of the passenger side front door with 3M spray,

side note: doesnt seem to be losing much if any oil, maybe half quart - 1quart every 5k due to rear main seal slow leak? CCV looks ok so far, noted hose has been replaced in '10

10.22.12 - Rear driver side window regulator broke, plan to inspect clip soon

11.13.12 - cleaned KN air filter and oiled, let dry, MAF, airbox with carb cleaner
11.13.12 - Check Air Con System flaps, the left flap is opening and closing on outside/recric mode, right one stays closed. Normal? not sure? Looks to be working fine

TO BUY LIST: 30/month for two years save, to replace ecs tuning cart labeled 'in 2 yr / 160k' picture in same folder as this doc PLUS $60 VANOS SEALS

Suspension list is seperate

11.21.12 - 136,600 Replaced DISA seal w. upgrade from germanauto solutions after scraping off old one and applied RTV sensor safe sealant, and cleaned DISA and inside of intake mai with Carb Cleaner. DISA had small amount of play and is original, but is still sealing properlly (flap)
Should replace eventually

12.3.12 - 137,050 Replaced front Sway bar mounting bushing on drivers side 23mm with new CRP bushing. noted improvement in steering and handling. Noted that oil pan gasket has a very very slow leak. Probabally rear main seal aswell, very slow. less than a half quart within 7500 miles

12.4.12 - 137,062 Inspected AC tensionor pully and tensionor assembly, both were original from 02 so I just replaced the pully with a low miles INA i had lying around (15k miles on it). OE. Old one spun freely and was scored where belt met it but was still ok, will keep as spare. Belt looks in OK condition. Should replace at 160k for PM

12.5.12 - Replaced front right midwoofer (passenger) with a used 6.5", as my foam surround was cracked. Restored bass and my soundstage is back to the middle fade

12.10.12 - 137,350mi Replaced Oil + new Mann Oil filter with 2 gallons of Rotella t6 5w-40, noted drain was exactly 2 gallons. :-) means no spill or leak or buring of oil within 7,500 miles!! very happy about this. No oil consumption. Zero.

- Also replaced fuel filter (OE) with approx 40k on it, with a new Mahle Filter + intergrated Regulator, clamps were in ok condition, fuel pressor regulator vacume hose (rubber) near filter is bad but operating contiion. replace soon

12.27.12 - 138,100 approx- Swapped front two tires. noted weear on passenger side due to strut mushrom camber positive on passenger side.

- Replace fuel pressure regulator vacume hose (Connected to F connector intake, but near fuel filter I replaced rubber hose)

- Restored front zkw headlight lens. look 90% new w./ mothers plastic restore and drill mounted buffer

1.12.13 - 139,800 - Installed 20,000 mile Meyle Fan + Clutch (mechanical) noted old one was getting worn and not as tight as new one when revving up.

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