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Originally Posted by WDE46 View Post
Cool harness you made up. Can you explain what exactly you did over there?
Thank you, it's nice to not see wires on the console anymore.

I used this thread as a starting point, but since my extension was different I had to make adjustments. I documented some additional steps and comments in that thread.

Parts Used

1. Bestek Splitter - $12.99

2. Add-A-Circuit - $7.85

3. Inline Fuse Holder - $7.50 for 2, shipped. (You only need one, but I bought an extra as a spare.)

4. 6.3A 5x20mm Fuses - $3.25 at Radio Shack for a multi pack.

5. Eyelet + Butt Connectors - $2.50 at Walmart for a multi pack.

Tools Used

1. Wire Stripper
2. Electrical Tape
3. Heat Shrink Tubes
4. Heat Gun
5. Multimeter
6. Phillips Head Screwdriver


1. Cut splitter, isolate the positive and ground wires.
2. Crimp eyelet onto the ground wire, then heat shrink.
3. Link positive wire to inline fuse folder with a butt connector, then crimp and heat shrink.
4. Link inline fuse holder to the Add-A-Circuit kit with a butt connector, then crimp and heat shrink.
5. Add 6.3A fuse into the inline fuse holder.
6. Remove glove box.
7. Drill a hole into one of the metal brackets, then attach the ground wire.
8. Plug the Add-A-Circuit into slot 26 on the fuse box (garage door opener), and add two 5A fuses (the original from the car and the one that comes with the Add-A-Circuit kit).
9. Test, then run the wiring and tidy it up with a few zip ties.

Overall, I am quite pleased with the outcome. The final part of my wiring project will include adding an RCA filter to the Aux line and then stealth wiring the Aux and phone charger cables.

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