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Originally Posted by ccfj1 View Post
Hi Pete,

Looking at this a bit more, it looks like you don't need the raspberry at all, it appears to be there just for the xbmc and sd/video/mp3 storage, is that correct? The MC is the clever (very clever) bmw interface?

Also is the attiny2313a-su programmable on the board as is?
What do you propose it do without xbmc and sd/video/mp3 storage? It'll be a pretty dumb unit. Yes it's programmable, there's a header on the board.

Originally Posted by headlock View Post
Hey Pete

Should the mode function switch the screen between the standard stereo and the Pi, or is the video output from the pi constant regardless of what channel its on?

mine stays if you switch it to radio / tape / etc.

Not a big deal but if it is supposed to come back out of the pi's video when you change from the CD input, then mine's misfiring somewhere.
You mean you can't see your normal BMW menu any more? It's not right.

It switches back if you press e.g. MENU, FM, MODE and some other keys. Check your Pin17 isn't shorted to ground and that Q4 is soldered on correctly.
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