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E46 330D TÜ2 Engine Swap

Hey, apologies if I may break a rule or two since this is my first post on here, on any forum really, so feel free to move the thread if faulty placed. I'm doing my best tho.

Anyways, I've had a nice piece of BMW diesel (330Dt -01, 184hp) for the last half a year or so and I'm pleased with it so far, but I'm getting curious what some added power would do to the thing.....

From what I've found on this forum along with others is that a remap is the only "sensible" thing to do on these engines but I feel that I would like a bit of a bigger bite to chew. I figured, why not look into swapping the m57d30 for a m57tü2d30 (e90 335d/e60 535d) and from the get go run ~270-282 hp, a remap on that thing and things are starting to get exciting. On top of that I haven't found anyone that has done this before, have you? In case, please share it! To me it doesn't sound like all to much of a ludacrious swap to do.

But then for the thoughts and questions I've got. Since I haven't found that much info on the engines I must ask a few things ofc.

1. Will it fit with the same mounts and gearbox? Feels like it should since it's the same block but in aluminium and all, right?
2. How much would I need from the donor? Would downpipes/preassurepipes need to be fabricated or what do you call?
3. Wiring. Is it plug and play in the sens that the stock engine-harness can just be swapped out for the "new"? Or is it a whole lot more to it?(Probably is)
4. Instruments, will I need to swap in a e90/e60 cluster aswell? Or can I run the stock ones?

Any other heads ups/tips are more than welcome, if I actually pull this swap of I will certainly need it!

Just to make that clear, I fully realise that the chassi/brakes/drivetrain would need an overhaul aswell, that wiould be done too. So please have that in mind.

Thanks for any replies I get, looking forward to discussing this!

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