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Originally Posted by markm1162 View Post
Absolutely! lol!

I just wish I had a garage, lift (or access to one) and more of the BMW related tools. I have all the tools to work on computers and networks. I do carry working tools in the trunk of my car and my sockets and allen wrenches have come in really handy but having shade is the most important thing because it's as hot as the blue blazes of hell down here right now! My E46 has 183,000 on it now. I bought it a year ago with 143,000. 40,000 miles this past year! My goal is to get 250,000 out of it but this one dipwad has tried to sabotage me every step of the way!
You don't really need any of that. I live in an apartment with no garage, a $20 Walmart tool kit + whatever tools I need from harbor freight, amazon, ebay, etc, a harbor freight jack and jack stands that I got recently, and this forum. Having a lift and garage is very nice, yes, but I go by the saying you gotta work with what you have. There aren't too many "BMW related" tools. Get an inpa cable from eBay for around $15 and a pa soft/BMW scanner 1.4 cable off of ebay for around $15.

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