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Originally Posted by sillieidiot View Post
I'm digging the pictures. List looks good.

I think that depends on the bar. The bigger bars I could see it happening way more.
I think it also depends on how soft your shocks/springs are. That determines a lot of how much of that stress is transferred to the sway bar. It certainly felt like the chassis worked less on Laguna (well paved) vs where I ripped it off.

I'm having custom plates made

Originally Posted by Spannerhead View Post
So glad to see this thread! Will be following with interest.

Time to update the sig pic?

I think we all thought you had forced induction in the works (especially with the M50 manifold purchase). Is that on hold or was it never in the cards?

The way the Style 68s frame the brakes (esp. the rears) is one of my favorite E46 features.
I picked it up with the B30 in mind. I don't "believe" in forced induction personally. I just love N/A too much, S54, S65, S85 all the key to my heart.

I agree with the 68's! I can't hold two pairs of wheels while at university at the moment, but they will have to go soon ***55357;***56852;

edit: will update sig when I find the time!

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