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Originally Posted by YoitsTmac View Post
Thought I'd give a little update. I've since rebuilt the most of the cooling system and did my VANOS seals. VANOS didn't give as big of an update as on the M52, but damn I miss that motor. I live in constant fear that I'll blow the motor and it really impairs my enjoyment for the car. Good news is I did 700 miles in one day without a single hiccup, driving from "SF" to LA to LAX and back to my new home. Not so much of a hiccup, great report. I am now at 101k.
Why are you worried you'll blow the M54 vs. the M52? They're 95% the same engine... A little extra displacement, E-throttle, etc.

I have since moved to Los Angeles. To be straight, you guys are basically my family - I'm having an awful time, and I miss home. This is not home to me, and it's hot as hell. I luckily did find the time to install my 24mm rear sway bar, it's at full soft. Car is far more neutral and more willing to get the butt out, but still a tad understeery, may stiffen up the rear a bit or swap the 7.5's to the rear like previously. I'd like the extra footprint up front for braking and turn in anyway.
Sorry you're having such a rough time of it! Why did you move? I hope you start to make some connections in LA.

And update that sig pic!

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