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Style 135M - OE ZHP Wheel Specs

Occasionally I see threads asking for info on OE ZHP wheels.

I just installed my new wheels, so I had the chance to weigh and measure the factory wheels from my 2004 330Ci ZHP. Maybe this info will help reduce new posts by those folks that are bright enough to use Search.

FYI - at the time of this posting, my wheels are not for sale. I'm just trying to share info.

2nd FYI - the measurements are made with a tape measure and straight edge. If you're looking for laser-tracking precision stats, they're not in this post. But for most purposes, these numbers should work. The weights are per a USPS scale, so they should be pretty accurate.

OE Style 135 M Double Spoke - bolt pattern 5 x 120 mm

Front - 18x8
Overall Diameter 19.56" (497 mm)
Overall Width 8.88" (226 mm)
Backspacing 6.31" (160 mm)
Offset 1.85" (47 mm)
Weight 28.16 lb (12.77 kg)

Rear - 18x8.5
Overall Diameter 19.56" (497 mm)
Overall Width 9.38" (238 mm)
Backspacing 6.69" (170 mm)
Offset 2.01" (51 mm)
Weight 28.20 lb (12.79 kg)

If I figure out an accurate way of measuring the diameter and depth of the centerbore, I'll post a reply to this thread. But my mic is too wide to fit down inside the wheel and still expand to hit the sides of the bore.

I hope this helps answer some of the questions people have about these wheels.
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