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Originally Posted by Rhumb View Post
Taking drastic actions for what they might think is right at the moment doesn't make them right in the end, however ostensibly noble their motivations might have been. Plenty of liberals have sacrificed greatly in the pursuit of liberty, including their lives.

My very liberal father was engaged in very brutal combat in WWII fighting for our freedom and liberty - as have thousands of other liberal veterans (shocking revelation: all military or veterans aren't conservative).

Those who fought, and sometimes died, fighting for freedom and liberty during the civil rights era did so primarily for the good of millions of complete strangers.

Conservatives seem to have no issue asking soldiers they'll never know to go fight and give their lives for causes they deem worthy, even if it turns out badly in the end (Iraq War). What about all those chickenhawk Neocons who never toted a military rifle, much less fired one in combat, asked hundreds of thousands of our military to sacrifice for their benefit and policies in a $2T war they basically put on credit card?

I guess it's an arrogant conservative pathology to think they alone have some monopoly on freedom, liberty and sacrifice.
So explain why the military is overwhelmingly conservative if conservatives are merely expecting others to serve? You're premise is, once again, incorrect. Conservatives are more likely to volunteer to serve, and conservatives who don't serve are vastly more appreciative of the sacrifices of those who serve. What is the political party of (a) the last president to implement the draft and (b) the last president to end the draft?

To be clear, I acknowledge many liberals have and will serve. I am directing my criticism at your type of liberal pathology that fortunately remains extreme and, of course, wrong.
The world began to crumble when feelings started overruling facts.--Ricky Gervais
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