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Originally Posted by Cabrio330 View Post
I know you assume all who disagree with you are intellectually inferior, but perhaps the BREXITers already considered those ramifications. Certainly most observers predicted difficult consequences would follow, and yet the BREXITers still won. Your arrogance leads you to conclude that they were merely stupid. Perhaps you should consider instead that they understood the consequences precisely, yet viewed the pain as being worth the cure.

Are you similarly confused when a cancer patient chooses a painful course of treatment?
Well, to be frank, I think the BREXITers were stupid, short sighted and ill informed. That the UK's suddenly biggest Google Search term was "EU" might tend to confirm that opinion.

Anyways, we'll all have to sit out and see what the actual repercussions of this will be. Undoubtedly they'll fall between disaster or bliss. What's the old Chinese curse: "To live in interesting times."
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