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Originally Posted by Rhumb View Post
Well, to be frank, I think the BREXITers were stupid, short sighted and ill informed. That the UK's suddenly biggest Google Search term was "EU" might tend to confirm that opinion.

Anyways, we'll all have to sit out and see what the actual repercussions of this will be. Undoubtedly they'll fall between disaster or bliss. What's the old Chinese curse: "To live in interesting times."
Not sure why you felt the need to be "frank" by posting the words I had already posted out of your mouth. Of course you think that way, because you are arrogant.

Can you not grasp that people are capable and willing to take drastic measures in pursuit of something they view as worthwhile? I don't want to assume what you know, so I will point out that hundreds of thousands of Americans have given their lives in pursuit of liberty. Do you consider them to be stupid, short-sighted and ill-informed as well?

I have long known that the liberal pathology doesn't allow your type to comprehend why a person would make an individual sacrifice for the good of complete strangers, but I am still surprised when I see that ignorance displayed, as you so often do. In contrast, I am never surprised when liberals push for complete strangers to sacrifice for their benefit.
The world began to crumble when feelings started overruling facts.--Ricky Gervais
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