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So, the point being precisely what? That because some nearly hundred-year-old suppositions, made when climate science was, at best, at its infancy, it thus nullifies today's science on the matter? It's not even that they're necessarily wrong either, perhaps premature given the sparse and nascent data and understandings of climate, particularly polar climate, at the time, but not necessarily wrong.

This seems to feed off one or two non-sequitor denier tropes:
  • Since climate has been changing before/forever, any and all of today's changes are thus entirely natural. One assertion in no way implies the other.
  • Since some earlier climate ideas were incorrect (based on far, far less data and understanding), thus today's climate theories are likewise incorrect.

These are at best logical/argumentative fallacies and at worst misleading rhetorical distortions. They certainly aren't in any way well-grounded, empirical counter-arguments against AGW.
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