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Originally Posted by BHarris View Post
yes, I have rotated the wheels multiple times and nothing has changed.

everything up front looks good with the exception of the control arm bushing, which I am assuming my clunk is and my tie rod arms are both new.

I did the youtube motor mount tests and nothing seems to be wrong but I'm not eliminating them, I plan on getting to them eventually just for added smoothness.

Do you know how to check the transfer case mounts?
My rule of thumb on drive line mounts, more then 60k and 15 years, change them out. Our motor mounts on an 02 330xi were absolutely shot at 60k. Have not gotten to our transfer case one, but I can see the cracking in it. It's time.
On joints like the tire rod ends, ball joints, use a large pair of channel locks to squeeze down on them. If any movement up and down, replace.
Even though your arms are new, does not mean you can't have a bad one. I just had to replace the lower control arms, upper ball joints and bushings due to a shop installing crap after market units that were bad from the get go. Don't trust anything, all is suspect, until proven otherwise.
I don't know what your hearing is like as mine is horrid. Having said that, there are a number of items in back that could cause a clunk:
1) broken rear springs at the bottom
2) bad shocks or mounts
3) sway bar bushings and links
4) bad exhaust hangers (as soon as we bought our car, I replace all of these along with drive line mounts, automatically. It gets rid of a lot of issues right off the bat).
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