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Help! Desperate to get car started it's driving me mad.

So the story goes, about 2 months ago my bmw e46 2003 318i n42b20 shut off while pulling out the drive way. It's stalled before while driving or idling in traffic and just before it did the battery light would pop up and it would die. So I called my mech and he came over to check it out. Tried a few things and said well it's my fuel pump. So I said ok. Bought a fuel pump and it started up when I installed it but idled a bit rough. So, I pulled out the drive way and poof it shut off as I got out again. So, thinking it's the new fuel pump I went ahead and told the company it was faulty they sent a new one. Then installing the new one the pump would not prime on ignition. So I figured it can't be the fuel pump. Went and got myself a tester and checked battery voltage it read 12.5v ok cool checked the fuel pump connector and boom no power being sent there at all. So I checked the fuses they all seemed fine and continuity was normal. Switched the relay for the wipers and pump and still nothing the theses under the hood were ok too. Then my mech came around and scanned it this time and we got the cam shaft codes and crankshaft. So I recently bought all 3 sensors. 2 cam 1 crank. Oh forgot to mention the P for park on the dashboard came on the first time it shut off out the drive way with a little cog sign in front. Anyway, yesterday I successfully changed the the crankshaft and cam sensors and put everything back to normal. Went to swing and the P with cog was gone so the crankshaft sensor prob solved alone with cam. However the pump still won't prime at all. I need help with this. My key fob doesn't work and hasn't been working for a long time. Could it even be the EWS? Or DME? I'm desperate for answers and also dreading it's a DME issue. Any thoughts and ideas on things I can try or should do. Open to all!
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