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Hello, can someone tell me what the best petrol is for my car (2004 E46 316i 1.8 N46 L4 85kW 114bhp)?

Idk what the previous owner used probably non-premium RON 95 since it less expensive (and don't know which brand), i have just put the premium one from Total the Excellium 98 in it since the fuel was almost empty i didn't know which one i should have used 95 or 98.

I wanted to put Shell V-Power 98 in it (i think it's the same thing as the Total Excellium) but there wasn't ond close to where i picked the car up.

So my question is what type of petrol should i used 95 or 98, non-premium or premium (Excellium, V-Power,...)

If premium which one is the best Total Excellium or Shell V-Power?

Here is what the fuel thing says on my car

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