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Saw this on another forum and wanted to share here.

I had positive results with ShipNex, and wouldn't hesitate to use them again.

Originally Posted by MadPorsche

How to Package and Ship Wheels & Tires
1. Go to Home Depot

- Buy
2 Large Storage Boxes (1.29 each)
1 Tatar Packing Tape Dispenser (6.97)
1 Extra Roll of Packing Tape (3.37)
1 Razor Blade with 3 replaceable blades (1.98)

2. Lay box out flat

3. Cut box in half with razor blade

4. Open box

5. Lay wheel and tire on top of box, use razor blade and cut the excess material away

6. Tape this part to the face of the wheel with packing tape

7. Cut excess material into square partitions

8. Flip wheel over and secure with packing tape

9. Wrap tape around wheel and cardboard leaving little or no rubber exposed.

10. Check out ShipNex (for the most cost effective shipping rates)
ShipNex uses UPS for Standard Ground Shipping and FedEx for any Express Shipping.
By using ShipNex you are able to get wholesale shipping rates 40-50% less than retail rates.
(It's amazing how much you can save as a consumer cutting out the retailer part of the operation.)

11. Print shipping labels and attach it to the front of each wheel.
The shipping label will also denote the shipping provider FedEx or UPS.

12. Request pickup ~$6.00 or lug them down to your local retailer shipping location.Again ShipNex uses FedEx for Express Shipments & UPS for any Ground Shipments.

ShipNex can offer the most cost effective solutions to your shipping needs, because of the wholesale rates available and contracts they hold with FedEx & UPS.

When I compared prices to ship a set of wheels & tires (18 x 8.5 w/ 235/35/18 tyres ~210lbs)
I was quoted $416 via UPS, $376 via USPS, $308 via FedEx, and $206 via ShipNex to
ship from the West Coast to the East Coast.

2 Large boxes from Home Depot offer enough material to cover (4) wheels up to 20'' front and back.

How to Ship Wheels:

1. Go to Home Depot

2 Large Storage Boxes (1.29)
2 Medium Storage Boxes (1.18)
1 Tatar Packing Tape Dispenser (6.97)
1 Razor Blade with 3 replaceable blades (1.98)

2. Open box and securely tape the bottom

3. Cut a medium sized storage box in half

4. Place wheel on top of cardboard and cut excess material away

5. Cover the face and the back of the wheel with cardboard

6. Secure with packing tape (no need to go overboard with tape here)

7. Place an old towel, blanket, or pillow on the bottom of the box

8. Place wheel inside of box

9. Place the 2nd wheel on top of the first and use excess cardboard for added protection around the edges of the wheels

10. With any extra space on top stuff it with newspaper, a beach or bath towel, an old pillow, a blanket or anything that will keep the wheels from shifting around too much in transit.

11. Secure box and label which way is up

10. Check out ShipNex (for the most cost effective shipping rates)

11. Enter dimensions and weight, select package instead of freight

12. Print shipping labels and attach them to the top of the box.

13. Request pickup ~$6.00 or lug them down to your local UPS shop for Ground Shipments or FedEx for Express Shipments. ShipNex holds contracts with these companies and allows their customers to get the wholesale rates.

A large size storage box will fit 2 rims up to a 18x14 size, extra large boxes will be
needed for anything bigger.

How to Ship Tires

Simply Print Shipping label from ShipNex (for the most cost effective shipping rates)
using Size and Weight

Use packing tape to attach the label.

In some cases it may be more cost effective to attach 2 tires to one another and print
one shipping label for 2 tires vs. individually shipping each tire.

It is perfectly fine to leave rubber exposed for shipping.

Now you know how to ship wheels and tires safely and effectively! Happy Motoring

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