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Originally Posted by ICONIKE46 View Post
Lol get ready for one of the more real responses you will get on this board.

#1 welcome. I'm going to treat you as a new member because I've never seen you post before so i feel as though a welcoming is the least I can do to keep you in high hopes.

#2 I wouldn't advise you to start off your thread with "I want to make my car as fast as possible." That sounds silly (no offense) because making your car as fast as possible and then following it with "but retain its drivability" are absolutely contradictory of themselves in the BMW world you have imaged in your head. Plus the older crowd will frown upon said statement because they will have the impression you are a typical "kid enthusiast" who's gonna make a rice can of a vehicle.

#3 Going to give you some reality, and I will be one of those people that you mentioned that will tell you that invest your $ into a AT MINIMUM 330i/ci for one main reason from the standpoint you are looking at it from which is hp per $. You have gone through thus far trying to source parts from a b30 motor to try and make some power out of your b25. A stock 325i dynos at 160whp. You claim to have 174whp. You replaced the manifold and throttle body with 330 ones, added headers, and AA tune (which is very ill advised on these boards as they are absolute garbage) and gained 14whp. I know the tune and bimmerbrake headers net you $600+ not even including the cost of the manifold or throttle body. Now you want to ditch the AA tune (good choice) for a dyno tune which will, at minimum, cost you another $600 and will give you maybe an additional 5whp from what you have now. I hope you see where I'm going with this..

#4 My advice, not that you have to listen to a word I say as I'm not your father but just a random guy on the internet trying to help what seems to be a fellow enthusiast out. Anyway my advice, save the $ u have, stop dumping it into the hp figures of your car and get rid of those god awful race land coilovers and buy a set of real coilovers or a simple h&r cup kit. Enjoy the nonM how it was meant to be enjoyed, in the turns. You spent all that $ thus far (not including labor unless you did it yourself) and you're still slower than a stock 330. Speed in a straight line isn't **** til you hit a turn. And with those awful race land coilovers, you ruin the handling of your vehicle dramatically. There is a reason why they are $200 vs even a cup kit which includes very reputable brand names are $500-$700. You're just going to be driving a loud 325ci revving high in the power band to have a false illusion of power because of vroom vroom noises. Trust me you don't want to be that guy. Now not once am I going to say go buy a M3 or 330, you can have plenty of fun in a 325i with the right mods (key word RIGHT) But seeing as though you have over 200k on a motor which is prone to multitudes of leaks and ring issues at higher miles, trying to squeeze every bit of power out of it is not at all the smart thing to do from a financial standpoint when you can have a faster stock car in a 330 and still out handle your car currently on stock suspension vs racelands.

Hopefully you take my advice into consideration but ofc it is your $ and your car so ultimately the decision is up to you. I wish you luck in your goals though and I hope any other og on these boards advises you the same

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Firstly, I don't have any sort of "BMW" world imagined in my head... I previously worked at a performance shop that specialized in BMWs and I am fairly familiar with this world lol. None the less, what I imagine in my head is what I want- not some world. Just because I want to buy a 325i and build it to be faster than most people expect doesn't mean in some world I've created for myself.

I guess maybe I didn't write what was in my head well enough. My car made 176WHP / 162 WTQ STOCK. Not modified. STOCK. In 90 degree Florida weather with 52% humidity. I plan on changing the coilovers to much better quality coilovers once I finish maintenance for the things I have to fix. Maintaining the car comes first. The only reason I bought racelands was because my shocks in the front and rear were faulty and I had to replace them. I'm not looking to make 300 horsepower or anything insane. I'm realistic and I know I won't make more than 220, and that's hopeful. I just like the challenge. If I wanted to make power and go in a straight line I'd sell my car and buy a different one. I haven't dynoed my car since doing these modifications, but I enjoy the extra pep so far. I don't care if the older guys call me a *****. Sometimes I will be able to afford expensive parts, and sometimes I won't. Although I love my car and want to pour money into it, I still want to live a life lol. I also plan on getting a more quiet exhaust. Having a really loud car is fun sometimes but I would like something more refined.
The reason I got the straight pipe was because that was what I could afford at the time and I didn't think I'd be putting Catless headers on the car.

To address your second point, I want to make it as fast as possible while retaining reliability. If sacrificing more reliability means for performance, then I won't go any further. I thought I got that point across.

I work at a reputable performance shop, I know what it takes to make power and what I "should" do but this is what I want to do.

Thank you for the advice and welcoming. I posted this thread for some advice, and if that's what you want to give I'll take take it.

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