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Originally Posted by VpointVick View Post
I looked at the available xenon kit that's offered by them and others, and it appears that it's nothing more than a xenon bulb in the same halogen reflector, which is going to put out all kinds of light but scatter it everywhere making other drivers hate you.

I tried some Euro Hella 100W 9006 halogen bulbs and they didn't seem to be that different shining against my garage door when I did a side-by-side comparison, but they're surprisingly a good bit better on the road. I was pretty impressed when I turned them on during my commute the next morning.

I've got a $30 set of LED bulbs that are built on a cylindrical platform rather than the flat, two-sided, one that many of the others use, so may be close enough to the halogen beam pattern to be more like what I'm after. Going to install them this weekend and I'll report back.

there are various type of Led in terms of technology and shape, each one of these have a precise fitment.
you must find the one that can replace 9006 bulbs with no difference in shape, distance from the center of the bowl and most important, how it spreads the light..
there was an very detalied video in Youtube, which explains why most of people fail in using the wrong led for their setup..

( found):

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