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Originally Posted by Cabrio330 View Post
LOL, I particularly like this statement:

"Yet they cannot deny that nine of the ten warmest years since systematic climate observations began [at least they worked in this important little qualifier...] have occurred in the new millennium..." So they are equating weather from one year to the next with the randomness of a coin flip, as if one year's climate is completely independent of the previous or subsequent years.
Which, if the systemic climate observations were all we had backing up AGW, you might have a point. Of course, we have a vastly larger, cross-cutting and corroborating base of empirical data, studies and research that compellingly point to AGW.

I think they put that statement in more as a narrow refutation the AGW deniers overstated and misleading assertion of some overall AGW "pause," where, in fact, its more accurately a slowdown of warming in relation to model predictions and that nonetheless, it has still been warming precipitously the past decade or so, even on land and in the atmosphere (which only accounts for a small percentage of actual warming anyway).
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