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Originally Posted by Act of God View Post
awesome link, good job. I thoroughly enjoyed checking it out for myself.

IPCC admits to the pause. You are delusional.
I should have put "pause" in quotes as that's referring more to a deniers meme shorthand than anything else.

Yes, there has been a "pause," well, a bit of a slowing from the level of atmospheric warming that some models predicted. However, most of the accumulating warmth is not in the atmosphere, which loses heat rather quickly. That is why it can be 100 degrees during the day in a desert yet get quite chilly by sun rise the next day. However, on, say, the island of Bermuda, surrounded by vast ocean expanses, the thermometer needle hardly budges one way or another. The vast bulk of the AGW heat is being squirreled away in the vast heat sink of the depths of our oceans and that warming has been proceeding apace.

You, too, seem to miss the main thesis of this study, that the "pause" is "not due to systematic errors of the models, as the skeptics had suspected, but because there are always random fluctuations in Earth's climate, according to a comprehensive statistical analysis." And, "...clearly showed that the models do not generally overestimate human-made climate change. Global warming is therefore highly likely to reach critical proportions by the end of the century."

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