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Shaking while braking and clunking on bad roads

Hi everyone!

When I bought my 330i it already had the shaking when braking problem. Only at higher speeds. Lightly touching the brake at around 70mph to slow down at an exit would make the steering wheel shake.

I replaced the tires and had them balanced because the tires were old anyway. That did not fix the issue. At that time I noticed that my tie rods were bad too (could move them with my hands easily). So I replaced the tie rods and lower control arms. This did not fix the issue either. I kept driving it like that for almost a year and now I am finally going to replace the brake rotors as a last resort (thinking my rotors might be warped).

But recently I have also noticed a lot of clunking when driving on bad roads especially at slow speeds. Never on highways etc. As I had replaced my tie rods and lower control arms, I thought that this might be due to bad shocks. I do see some leakage on my right front strut but now I also discovered that my left tie rod is bad again! What is going on here?

Did me not replacing my brake rotors cause the tie rod to go bad again by shaking the crap out of it for a year?

I would really appreciate some advice on this. This is becoming expensive. Thank you for any help you can offer!
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