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Originally Posted by bgsmith View Post
Quick move the goal posts!!!!!

You are starting to border on TI territory, you getting enough sleep with the new baby around???

And see my response to Cabrio, if she did something wrong investigate it, but reading deosn't seem to be your string suit lately.

And here is a tip, quit trying to "win" everything around here, you look like a dummy when you try and turn every post on here into a competition where you try and display what you seem to think is your superior intellect.

EDIT: The bold part is rich coming from you, the copy and paste king of the whack job conservative message boards.
You were the king of the russian conspiracy theory, that is indisputable. You've yet to acknowledge that Hillary did what you accuse Trump of doing and her actions did not spur a 2 year investigation and countrywide accusations of treason.

It is not whataboutism, it is pointing out the utter BS going around in regards to russia.
Whataboutism is a moral necessity, because it disarms the hypocrisy the left wields like a battle axe by illustrating the undeniable truth.
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