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E46 330i M Sport Touring auto

One of the rear springs has broken (usual place at the bottom small coil). I am happy to replace all the springs but want the standard ride height as it is a road car only that does alot of small back lane countryside driving over pot holes and speed bumps in London UK.

When I look at aftermarket improved performance springs like H&R, Eibach etc they have different levels of lowering drop. Are these 25mm or 50mm drops for example based on a standard SE car or M Sport, as I believe the M Sport is already slightly lower than an SE no?? If they are based on an SE then I am thinking a spring with a minimal lowering level of say 20mm may be suitable.

I would also like to replace the shocks as they are 19 years old, done nearly ninety thousand miles and are quite scabby with rust. From what I have read the Bilstein B8 seems to be a good option.

..........or should I forget about all this aftermarket stuff for an everyday hard use road car and just go for standard M Sport springs and shocks?

I would appreciate people's thoughts/opinions on this. Cheers!
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