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Originally Posted by rover220 View Post
I'm not talking about an economic recession. I am talking about a fundamental and irreversible change to our society We have gone from a peaceful nation to one where murder and hand grenade attacks are now commonplace.

Sweden's murder rate is low and essentially unchanged over the past decade, and is roughly a quarter of the U.S.'s rate (which has fallen quite a bit the past decade):


I don't have any data on hand grenade attacks though.

Your dystopian views on crime in Sweden -- interestingly mirroring Trump's own such dystopian views of American crime -- simply runs counter to actual facts.

Also, the contention that it's immigrants causing a disproportionate number of crimes is unsupported by data:


What about claims linking new arrivals and crime?

"In general, crime statistics have gone down the last (few) years, and no there is no evidence to suggest that new waves of immigration has lead to increased crime," said Henrik Selin, political scientist and deputy director of the Swedish Institute.

Generally, there’s a certain over-representation of people with immigrant background in crime statistics, but that tends to be closely related to high levels of unemployment, poverty, exclusion, low language and other skills, Selin said. "Swedes with these characteristics are also overrepresented in crime statistics," he said.
Crime in Sweden
This, too, shows crime in Sweden to be fairly stable the past decade or so.

Sorry to be the one to break the news that Sweden is not becoming some crime-ridden hell hole.
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