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Hey everyone, sorry for not replying. The subscriptions on my side are totally messed up and I had to resubscribe to my own thread, my apologies.
Originally Posted by Spannerhead View Post
Why are you worried you'll blow the M54 vs. the M52? They're 95% the same engine... A little extra displacement, E-throttle, etc.

Sorry you're having such a rough time of it! Why did you move? I hope you start to make some connections in LA.

And update that sig pic!
Have you heard of the oil pump nut with high revs? I'm always short shifting at 6k after talking with Rob. I have to get an upgraded oil pump. I moved because I transferred to a UC . I am having my doubts, either wishing I tried harder at the JC or wishing I went to one of my other options, like chico (which was evacuated) or Santa Cruz. It's still been rough, but I have a bit of a community and friends I trust out here now. Baby steps, but moving in the right direction .

I WANT TO UPDATE THE SIG MAN, just gotta take a good photo ***128532;. I have a few minutes here between classes, let me see what I can do

Originally Posted by sillieidiot View Post
The weather is nice here. You'll get used to it lol We'll hold some meets, whenever I get my car back.
Honestly man, I'd love that. I love your build. I still have your short shifter for a completely secret project I will be doing to this car
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