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Originally Posted by YoitsTmac View Post
Have you heard of the oil pump nut with high revs? I'm always short shifting at 6k after talking with Rob. I have to get an upgraded oil pump. I moved because I transferred to a UC . I am having my doubts, either wishing I tried harder at the JC or wishing I went to one of my other options, like chico (which was evacuated) or Santa Cruz. It's still been rough, but I have a bit of a community and friends I trust out here now. Baby steps, but moving in the right direction .
My understanding is that the B30 oil nut is only really a concern if the engine sees extended periods of high revs, like with track use. No need to upgrade the pump; just safety-wire the nut. That's what I plan to do if/when I have to drop the oil pan.

I WANT TO UPDATE THE SIG MAN, just gotta take a good photo ***128532;. I have a few minutes here between classes, let me see what I can do
I was about to be like "Just use one of the phenomenal photos at the beginning of your build thread!" but I see that you've just done that. Looks great!

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