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Another Dead 325xi Transmission?

I'm hoping I can get some advice here, but I'm expecting the worst. A few months back, my son picked up a 2003 325xi with some known issues. He replaced the front differential and fixed some other minor issues, and all was good for a while. Two week ago, he called 'cuz the car wouldn't move. We towed it home and started looking things over. The right front axle had popped out of the diff, so we pulled things apart and reinstalled it. After that, the car just creeps forward at high RPMs, and has no reverse. We checked the trans fluid level, and added nearly a quart at temperature, but no change--no reverse and car barely drives in forward with what I assume to be slipping transmission. We did jack up one wheel at a time, and no wheel freely rotates, so I'm assuming we have a bad transmission on our hands. Anything else we should check or do before starting to put in a used trans? I'm wondering if it's worth the time to drain/refill the trans and change out the filter and reverse solonoid, but I'm kinda thinking it might be a waste of time and money. Thoughts?
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