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Originally Posted by Reedo302 View Post
.300BLK has similar ballistics to the .30-30win, which has been a very popular "brush" round for hunting in the North woods. The round is very effective at close range, and generally can drop deer out to 200yds.
hmmm...maybe I'll just get a 300blk upper for my AR and use that instead of a new rifle.

Where I go, the shots will go out to 200-300yds easy (NW MN farm land) but my stands are in the woods so not too horrible. I use a .270win now.

Also, not to thread jack too much, but I'll need to talk to you about upgrading a low end R700 vs buying a higher end rifle. I kinda want to do the upgrading just to get the experience but curious of how in over my head I'll be going that route.

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