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BMW 3 series problems traction control and eml lights :(

Hi all I'm new to this site, I'm just wondering if I could pick someone's brain for some help. I have just bought myself a 2002 BMW 318 facelift model I live up in North Yorkshire and I went to collect it from Cambridge it started and I drove it back from Cambridge it drove fine for about 180 miles but it has a fault I discovered when I got it home. When it's warm and you turn it off then back on it goes into limp mode and the eml light comes on with the traction control flickering, some times you can turn it off wait a few seconds turn it back on and it will be fine. I work as an apprentice mechanic and I've plugged a Bosch Kts into in and it comes up with 27ce fault code? And sometimes load sensor monitoring? I've had another throttle body an air mass meter and its still got the fault. I've sent the ecu away for test but no one seems to be able to test it. It's a 2.0 valvetronic engine I believe a n42 engine. It randomly came up with a crank sensor wiring fault too then it didn't start I left it for half an hour and It started again and the crank sensor fault went. It's such a strange fault and I can't understand what could be causing it. Any help would be fantastic, cheers , Tom
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