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Originally Posted by Hot_tub View Post
Green coolant

That's all I can contribute, sorry.

Originally Posted by swordsman11868 View Post
Causation or just correlation?

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Originally Posted by Effduration View Post
Go over your work.

DO NOT use stop leak

If you used aftermarket heater pipes, they can be tricky to install without leaks. I try to use OEM pipes, but will use aftermarket pipes with OEM o-rings, which seems to work out. I also test them after install before putting intake manifold on, by hooking up all coolant pipes and hoses, install a special gutted thermostat housing I have, fill with distilled water and pressurize with <20 psi

In your case I would pressurize the cooling system - I use a compressor, but you can use a coolant pressure tester from harbor freight- and shine a light through the intake near were heater pipes enter block. check for leaks. If they are dry check the rest of your work.

Originally Posted by docnabimmer View Post
Agree with eff- no stop leak .check your work and while your at it, I hope you made sure your water pump and thermostat are new and or not leaking .....otherwise replace if it has not been replaced.water pump leak right about the same place as well.

Also i forgot to mention, the leak is mostly when the car is off and cold, for example i cant see anything until the next morning after letting the car sit overnight, and at this point it will still drip, but it seems to slow down or go away when the car is running

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