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Okay thread bump. Wrong on the part numbers for the struts/shocks for some uses, right for others. Correction:


Strut Left- ZHP/BMW Performance/Sport Suspension from 09/01, p/n- 31312282459
Strut Right- ZHP/BMW Performance/Sport Suspension from 09/01, p/n- 31312282460

Strut Left- Non-sport from 04/01 (09/01), p/n- 31306757043
Strut Right- Non-sport from 04/01 (09/01), p/n- 31306757044

Strut left- Sport up to to 04/01 (09/01), p/n- 31316750791
Strut right- Sport up to 04/01 (09/01), p/n- 31316750792

Strut left- Non-sport up to 04/01 (09/01)- 31316759561
Strut right- Non-sport up to 04/01 (09/01)- 31316759562

Strut Left- M Technik Suspension, 11/00 through 04/01- 31312282097
Strut Right- M Technik Suspension, 11/00 through 04/01- 31312282098


Non-sport to 04/01 (09/01), pn: 33521096366
Sport to 04/01 (09/01), p/n: 33521095913

Non-sport from 04/01 (09/01), p/n: 33526757045
ZHP/BMW Performance/Sport Suspension from 09/01 (09/01), p/n,: 33522282461

M-Technik 2 Rear Shocks, 11/00 through 04/01, p/n-33522282099

The 04/01-09/01 dates have conflicting information, so if your car was built in that range you'll need to examine your original parts closely.

Sport struts/shocks up to 04/01 were Sachs Advantage. These are much better quality struts than the sport struts from 04/01, which were Sachs Super Touring, their base damper. Sachs Advantage apparently carry a lifetime warranty and go toe to toe with Bilstein HDs, while Super Touring struts carry no such warranty and compare with the Bilstein Touring Class struts.

Bilstein Touring Class struts are a great budget shock/strut combination, as are Koni Str.Ts. These both have OE quality- or close to it- and come in less than Sachs replacements.

Control Arms: ZHP CA's have better balljoints, and imo are worth the upgrade. If you have a ZHP I wouldn't recommend Meyle CA replacements, as you will not be improving anything at the very least. Meyle HD FCABs on the other hand- are a nice product.

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